“The Practice of the Presence of God is one of those classic books that I have returned to over the years. I first read it as a young adult, but I believe this book can be a valuable resource for a people of any age seeking to deepen their connection with God.”

Pastor Bob Cottrill

Deepen Your Connection with God

Have you ever longed to feel closer to God in your daily life? If so, then the classic The Practice of the Presence of God might a book you find helpful. This inspiring devotional, originally published in 1692, offers practical guidance on integrating prayer and mindfulness into your everyday routine, even amidst the hustle and bustle of life.

Simple Yet Profound

The book’s message is simple yet powerful: learn to cultivate a constant awareness of God’s presence throughout your day. Brother Lawrence, a Carmelite friar, discovers a profound spiritual connection with God through his ordinary duties as a cook. His message is as relevant today as ever.

Easy to Read Versions Available!

Note: The original text uses language from centuries ago that some readers find challenging – but there are modern English adaptations that makes the book easier to read while retaining the core message. (Free Downloads)

Free Audiobook Version

  • Listen to the traditional English Version of the audiobook for free on YouTube [CLICK HERE]