Journey groups

A Disciple Making Pathway for Every Follower of Jesus

What Are Journey Groups?
What Are Journey Groups?

Small group (4-7) of Jesus followers who recognize the value of journeying with other people for mutual support, encouragement and accountability.  They have a very specific target: To be an authentic follower of Jesus, who is becoming like Jesus in order to do the kinds of things Jesus did and to effectively participate in his great vision for our world.

They are different from traditional Bible Studies in that the goal of these groups is to become an active, empowered and effective disciple who can make disciples.  The study is not for the purpose of Bible knowledge alone.  Instead, JOURNEY GROUPS help us find ways to incorporate the life-giving truth of the Bible into our lives and to tell others how God is actually changing our lives.

The groups are built around a disciple making process that everyone can learn and use in their own lives to disciple other people; whether they are children, spiritual seekers, or other believers who are wanting to grow. The process is one of discovery and not one of being taught what to believe and think.  You will learn a simple discovery process built around a series of questions that always center on a passage of God’s Word. There is no leader of these groups, just a guide or facilitator who asks questions rather than teaches. Ultimately, we want the Holy Spirit to be given the primary role of teaching (John 16:7-15, I Cor. 2:6-16, Rom. 8:5-17)

What Can I Expect?
What Can I Expect?

To find and build new friendships around the priorities Jesus has for His followers

To grow spiritually and be challenged in ways you have not been challenged before

To find support, encouragement and accountability for the journey you are walking

Goals of Our Groups
Goals of Our Groups
  • Discipleship: To become disciples of Jesus who can make disciples who make disciples. Discipleship essentially is simply following Jesus above all other leaders. But the discipleship journey needs companions to navigate the many challenges along the path we must walk.
  • Community: A disciple of Jesus is designed to journey through life in community with other disciples.  The core reasons for this are for support, encouragement and accountability.
  • Transformation Through Accountability: The key directive for followers of Jesus is to love Jesus with their whole being through a lifestyle of obeying all He commanded. We all know this, but we often don’t have people in our lives who can help us be true what our hearts are longing to be- fully committed to Jesus. In a JOURNEY GROUP you will enjoy a safe community where we will intentionally pursue a life that pleases God first and foremost.
  • Learn a Disciple Making Process: To help other people discover spiritual truth as you also learn to love and follow Jesus.
  • Multiplication: To be confident in following Jesus’ directive to “go and make disciples of all nations.” Every follower of Jesus is privileged to partner with Jesus in His ongoing work of building His vision to heal, restore, and transform lives, communities, countries and the world.
How Do I Sign Up?
How Do I Sign Up?

How Do I Sign Up?

Consider first if you are willing to facilitate a group! We will provide you with the basic training and a coach to guide you in the process of launching and facilitating a JOURNEY GROUP. It is much easier than you think as you will not be teaching but simply facilitating a disciple making discovery process already laid out for you.

Whether you would like to facilitate, or would prefer to simply join a group, register below and someone from the church office will contact you when a spot comes available.

There will be no pressure to join if you show up for the first couple of gatherings. After a couple of gatherings you will be asked to fully commit. We believe that fully committing oneself is the only way to maximize your experience.

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