I gave a homeless care kit to Tony today, during the mid-February cold-snap. He was in his wheelchair in the Super 8/Tim Horton’s parking lot with a sign saying he was homeless. I bought him a coffee, prayed over the kit and for our interaction and wrote him a card. I approached him while his head was down and he quickly looked up when I asked how his day was. Our conversation quickly turned to faith, and we talked for half an hour. I gave him the bag of goodies which he checked out while I got him the fixings for his coffee. The one item he thanked me specifically for was the gospel of John. He shared his belief in God with me and some questions he had, and concerns that were on his heart. I answered his questions with scripture as best as i could, prayed with him and he asked me to continue to pray for him, specifically for his prosthetic leg he is waiting on, for the cold weather not to impede healing of an infection in his good leg, for his son Kristian who is agnostic, and praise the Lord that he has been accepted to move into the Riverside modular housing development in April, where he can live for 2 years and get 2 meals/day for $375/month. He wants to go to school to be a support worker. Such a sweet experience to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a small way, but one that made a significant difference in both of our days.

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