When the Care Kit bags were made available, I immediately knew to whom I would give my bag.  I don’t know his name but he shuffles past me almost everyday on my walk around the lake and sometimes I see him curled up on one of the park benches or sleeping on the grass away from the edges of the walkways.  He always responds to me with a hello or a nod of his head and maybe a “how are you” if I have asked him.  I would keep a look out for him and hand him the bag with kind words of “Jesus loves you”  But I never saw him and I found myself thinking that maybe this bag wasn’t meant for him…and I kept my eyes open for someone else.  So, I kept the bag in my car thinking the right person would come into my path, I would see him and I would know…I would just know.  One day late in the afternoon, it was cold and wet, I saw a man standing there at the corner, there could this be him? I felt a no…not him…and kept walking to the grocery store. There under the awning before the door, tucked into the edges of crates of items I spotted him, I barely saw him, he was head down, knees tucked up and I think he was crying…I carried on into the store and among the things I needed I bought a sandwich, a bag of chips and an apple.  When I walked out the store, I thought he had gone but there he was tucked further in.  Quickly stepping out to my car, I retrieved the blue bag care kit and placed my extra items inside.  I walked back across the parking lot to where the boy sat and I kneeled down to him and said this is for you.  He looked at the bag and then what seemed in slow motion he lifted his face to mine and I saw every young boy I ever knew, mine, yours and those who seem lost…at that moment I heard the small quiet whisper ” I will take care of him”…then I saw the face of Jesus.

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