In January our family took home two Cold Weather Care-Kit bags from the Advent Presence project to hand out to people in need.  I kept the bags under the seat in our truck waiting for the right moment.  The kids and I had been on our look out for who to hand them out to but there just wasn’t an opportunity!  It’s was now April and I was feeling embarrassed that we had not handed them out yet; I know Abbotsford is full of people in need!  I started to wonder if maybe we should just drop them off at a hamper or shelter but I felt God say “no” – that He would show us.

Then one day as we were driving, our 10 year son noticed a man in need.  The man was on the other side of a busy road so we had to turn around to get to him.  By the time we pulled around he was getting onto his bike, but we got his attention and handed him the bag.  He was so thankful and our son was so excited that it worked out to give him our care-kit.

Now I knew we still had one more bag,  and it was for a woman.  Later this same day I was praying for the bag and asked God to show me a woman in need who could use it.  I was picking up our girls from gymnastics and we were driving out of the parking lot when I noticed a woman sitting by herself, trying to find shelter from the rain.  She was barefoot and soaking wet from the massive down pour we just had.  My heart starting beating so fast – I knew this woman needed our bag!  So I brought it over to her.

I am in awe of how God arranged both those meetings that day.  I believe these people were exactly who God wanted to have these kits, and as I handed the bags to them,  I told both people of God’s Love for them.  I am grateful that God wanted to include my kids in this too.  Thank you to our Mission Team for organizing this project, and for pushing us out of our comfort zone!

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