Hi Arnold Community Church! In an effort to be connected to one another in this time of isolation I wanted to pass along some thoughts of encouragement and perspective. I hope they are of help to you!

Matthew 6:25-34

As humans we have many limitations. We don’t tend to think about our limitations. But when difficulties hit us we are confronted by how little control we have over our lives. The Corona virus is one such reality. When we are confronted by our limitations we all react in different ways.

One of the most natural reactions is to worry and be anxious about the future. As a result we waste a lot of energy thinking about future things, future possibilities, future scenarios or future lose. All of which rob us of the moment, the relationships around us, the many wonderful possibilities right in front of us because we are fixated on something we can do nothing about. We simply miss the present possibilities and instead we can develop an underlying anxiety from which we are unable to escape.

But as many of us meditated on yesterday, we are not to “worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow has enough trouble of its own!” (Matthew 6:34)  The command in this text is to not worry and instead seek God’s kingdom and let him provide for you!  

Sometimes this is easier said than done. But how do we move our obsessive thinking about tomorrow and instead seek his kingdom?

Learn to live in the moment because we only have this moment!!!

We can’t live in tomorrow because we are limited to this current moment. What this means is, assess your current reality and realize that he is with you and take stock of how he is providing for you… right now! Do you have food in the fridge? Are you healthy? Is your family healthy? What is he saying to you in this moment of uncertainty that will give you confidence to face all that comes your way?

When we worry about tomorrow we are essentially trying to be godlike, or more than human because we are trying to live outside of our limitations. We do not have the capability of living outside of the present moment, only God transcends all of time and sees every moment. We instead are creatures who learn to trust in God who is fully present to us… in the moments.

The amazing thing is that God not only can provide but wants to provide us with what we need! Life becomes more of an adventure watching God work within and around us. This is the journey of faith that Jesus challenges in us with in Matthew 6:30 when he says “you of little faith?

So if you feel worry or anxiety rising ask yourself “am I living outside of this present moment by worrying about future possibilities?” If so, simply stop and come back to this present moment and let Jesus remind you that He is looking after you right now and will look after you when you get to tomorrow! Reflect on the fact that He loves you, cares for you, has lead you, has provided for you and will continue to provide for you… moment by moment!
Therefore “do not worry… but seek first his kingdom (moment by moment)  and his righteousness and he will provide for your needs.”

The peace of Christ to you all,

Pastor Cam