Hi Arnold Community Church! Today’s devotional for the ACC family is written by Deanne, our wonderful Children’s Pastor. Enjoy!

For such a time as this?

The book of Esther is an exciting story. It’s packed with intrigue, adventure, mystery and a beauty pageant! It’s also a powerful story for this time.

Esther was a Jewish girl, chosen to be queen, but shortly after her coronation she was faced with a written decree by the King that her people were to die. She didn’t know what she could do and felt inadequate to help. But her cousin Mordecai challenged her and asked, “Who knows? Maybe you were made queen for just such a time as this?” She called the Jewish people to fast and pray and then courageously approached the king. In the end, the enemy’s plan was revealed and stopped.

A friend encouraged me to read it in the Message version and I want to encourage you to do the same. It’s only 10 chapters.

What might God be calling you into during such a time as this?

During my reflection with friends I was reminded that the enemy’s plans can be overturned! God is Sovereign and can redeem anything the enemy throws at us and He is able to flip it over for something good. He is the Redeemer! And look at the end of the story – look who wins!

It’s natural to only see what is in front of us, to see what is going on in the world with our physical eyes (scarcity, death, worry, sickness, loss) but let’s keep reminding each other that there is more to this battle than what we see. God, what do you see? Show us glimpses of what’s going on behind the scenes and how we can be a part of that. God is at work and he’s more powerful than any plan the enemy can drum up.

God Bless you,


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